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Hrbilas Sarda- The Promulgator of "The Child Marriage Restraint Act", noted as Sharda Act ---
शारदा एक्ट से विख्यात "बाल विवाह निरोधक कानून" के निर्माता-हरबिलास सारदा

As historian and jurist of a high order, Hrbilas Sarda's name will always be taken by reverence.   Sri Sarada was born on June 3, 1867. Being a son of librarian of Government College of Ajmer, from the start he has a keen attachment to study the books and contemplation.   As a result, he was inspired in Social Services and writing and he composed of numerous books including Ajmer Historical and Descriptive, Hindu superiority, Maharana Sanga, Hamamir of the Ranthambhor, Shankar aur Swami Dayanand, Birjanand sarswati, Shyamji Krishna Verma etc. Hrbilas Sarda was elected three times to the Central Legislative Assembly of Ajmer in 1924, 1927 and 1930. Writer and freedom fighter Mrs Sarojini Naidu said about him -''All the Indian and especially Indian women will be always grateful to Hrbilas Sarda, because he have made a mark with courage and diligence in the field of progressive social reforms.'' In the words of former Governor of Rajasthan Late Sardar