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Dolomite Mineral in Rajasthan:
राजस्थान में डोलोमाइट खनिज

The important dolomite deposits in Rajasthan are-   1. Ajmer- Bajla-Kabra having 13 million tonnes of all grade.   2. Bhilwara- Mandal, Koshithal having 20 & 28 million tonnes of all grade respectively. 3. Chittorgarh- Chittoria - Gorla - Chandakheri having 45 million tonnes with MgO 18 to 21%, and SiO2 0.6- 4%. 4. Jaipur-  Kotputli, Manwa-Ramgarh, Bhaislana having 31 Million tonnes all grade. 5. Jaisalmer- Chicha, Chalota 3.15 million tonnes all grade.   6. Jodhpur- Indo-Ki-Dhani, Indolai Ka Talab, Rathoro Ka Dhora having 5 million tonnes SMS grade.   7. Sikar- Daulatpura, Balpura having 1.95 million tonnes of all grade.    8. Udaipur- Iswal, Haldighati having 2.55 million tonnes of all grade.

Clay Mining in Rajasthan: - राजस्थान में मृतिका खनन-

By the word clay is understood a natural, earthy, fine grained material which becomes plastic when mixed with limited amount of water. Plasticity is the property of the moistened material which could be deformed by the application of pressure; the deformed shape being retained when pressure is removed. Chemically clay is a hydrated silicate of alumina and contains usually 46.5% silica (SiO 2 ) , 39.5% alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) and 14% water but frequently also some quantity of iron, alkalis and alkaline earths. Rajasthan possesses three types of clay e.g. ball clay, fire clay and china clay deposits, the known reserves of these clays are of the order of - 1. ball clay-                38 million tonnes 2. fire clay-            17.8 million tonnes 3. china clay-         208 million tonnes. Ball-clay 20 million tonnes A reserve of of fireclay can be obtained from lignite areas of Bikaner districts. Districtwise important locations of clay depo

Highest Mineral Producing Districts of Rajasthan (Year 2012-13)
राजस्थान के खनिजवार अधिकतम खनिज उत्पादक जिले (वर्ष 2012-13)

                                 1.       Highest Minor Mineral Producing D istrict s                        अधिकतम ‘अप्रधान खनिज’ उत्पादक जिले- S.No. Name of Mineral District Which Stood First Production in Tons 1 Bentonite Barmer 776822 2 Brick earth Sri Ganganagar 9418500 3 Chips Powder Rajsamand 90424 4 Fuller's Earth/ Chikani mitti Barmer   24702 5 Granite Jalore 1979344 6 Kankar-Bajri Jalore 48431600 7 Limestone (Burning) Nagaur 3140227 8 Limestone (Dimn.) Jhalawar 4458671 9 Marble Rajsamand 7043942 10 Phylite-shist/Patti Katla Ajmer 158734 11 Quartzite Sikar 11984 12 Rhyolite Jodhpur 1075823 13 Salt Petre Sri Ganganagar 195